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Life style changes: Stress reduction

Make changes in your life to help manage and reduce stress. Too much stress exacerbates depression and puts you at risk for future depression. Take the aspects of your life that stress you out, such as work overload or unsupportive relationships, and find ways to minimise their impact.

It may seem like there’s nothing you can do about stress. The bills won’t stop coming, there will never be enough hours in the day, and your work and family responsibilities will always be demanding. But you have a lot more control than you might think. In fact, the simple realisation that you’re in control of your life is the foundation of stress management. Stress management is all about taking charge: of your lifestyle, thoughts, emotions, and the way you deal with problems. No matter how stressful your life seems, there are steps you can take to relieve the pressure and regain control.

What you can do

  1. Move your body frequently - don't sit for more than an hour
  2. Make positive face-to-face connection with other people a priority
  3. When you can't change the person or thing who is stressing you, learn to avoid, alter, adapt, or accept
  4. Reduce your intake of alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine
  5. Do something you enjoy every day
  6. Get all the restful sleep that you need to feel your best

Lifestyle changes that can treat depression


Exercise is a powerful depression fighter and one of the most important tools in your recovery arsenal.

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Peer Support

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Sleep has a strong effect on mood. When you don't get enough sleep, your depression symptoms will be worse.

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Sunlight can help boost serotonin levels and improve your mood.

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What you eat

What you eat has a direct impact on the way you feel.

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