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Blokes Being Artists

A conversation and workshop around Art, masculinities and expression, discussing writing and artwork in partnership with ManHealth. April 29 - April 30 two sessions at 6pm.

“The first thing is, if I was thinking of something to do, I wouldn’t be like lets go to an art gallery, I’d be like let’s go to the pub.”

For 3 years now I have been creating work based around male identity, through personal experience of the good, the bad and the ugly. Through my investigation into why men do not draw during research for my dissertation, I hosted interviews with a few men about their relationship with art and their experiences of self; exploring negative emotions, joy, and fear. Intrigued at the abstract value of the work produced, I aim to continue this avenue of research, through cataloguing men and their relationship with expression.

The workshop will consist of discussing a consensus as to why men typically don’t do art, regarding the conflict between arts identity and 'masculine capital'; following my dissertation ‘I Don’t Draw: Assessing Art Practice and Masculinity.’ There will be readings from the work’s chapter titled ‘Why Draw?' discussing the previous responses that were gathered during the research, exposing the value in being expressive and creative and why this can help in unlocking self.


• A brief discussion as to my interaction and experience with art, both then and now, also looking at some key works.

• An introduction into why men do not draw, investigating the conflict of identity of men and the identity of art.

• The importance of drawing and being creative to articulate experience, involving vulnerability and discussing this visually.

• The Exercise for the ‘Blokes Being Artist’ catalogue: discussing why? explaining the information around it.

Workshop Activity:

For this the participants are optionally required to create drawings using any chosen medium e.g., pen, pencil, chalk, paint etc. If they wish to be part of the catalogue, they can title the work, which again is up to the artist and then they send the work which will have a deadline of the 10th of May.

This workshop is ultimately to promote men’s health in putting down everything, giving men time to reflect visually on their experience, to help men feel better and create a better relationship with themselves. To have a go at something different and talk to someone about their experience with creativity with aspects of male identity. helping them feel more open to creativity, whether that be; diary making, cooking, music or in this instance art.

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