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Madman Marshall’s 60th year of trying to take it easy!

Not known for taking it easy, David has pledged to spend the next 12 months doing various challenges to raise awareness and money for ManHealth.

Happy birthday to Mad Man Marshall - celebrating 60 years by dedicating the next 12 months to fundraising for ManHealth. He has some fantastic challenges lined up including swimming, cycling, running, kayaking, scaling mountains, entering triathlons, Ironman’s and park runs! Phew! He certainly knows how to take it easy! :-D

He says: "The last year has been tough for a lot of people, but more so for those who have found themselves alone without support - whether that be physically or actually within a relationship. I had my own experience last year, when I briefly found myself in that position - alone, searching for answers and feeling isolated. I was fortunate to have good friends who checked in on me, my love of the outdoors and exercise and an inbred system to manage the 'chimp' in my brain - plus a pair of curtains which I take everywhere to tell me to 'pull myself together'.

There has been a lot said about Mental Health and I wanted to try and share my experience and help others in some small way. I am raising awareness but also trying to raise funds to provide the support needed where people don't have mechanisms in place like mine.

That's why, I have chosen ManHealth as my charity of the year."

We are very grateful to have David's support and look forward to seeing how he gets on over the next 12 months. If you would like to follow his journey, please check out his Facebook page.

We hope the ManHealth community will get behind him to cheer him on and help him smash his fundraising targets! Read more at

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