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NE1 Jewellery Supports ManHealth

NE1 Jewellery are donating £5.00 from every sale of the Mad Hatter Pendant to support ManHealth.

Mick Woods is a bespoke jewellery designer from NE1 Jewellery. He has kindly donated £5.00 from every sale of the Mad Hatter Pendant AND... matched it with his own money to raise a fantastic amount for ManHealth.

Mick says: "The idea behind [this pendant] is that we're all a little mad here - it's a homage to our time working in the mental health sector, as well as a statement around our own mental health experiences.

Out of all of my products, this is the one that I am most passionate about and is closest to my heart."

Pendants will continue to be available via NE1 Jewellery's website and Mick will continue to donate £5.00 from every sale to support our work at ManHealth. Visit NE1 Jewellery for more.

We are very grateful to have your support Mick - thank you!

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