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Welcoming Wynn Glass as Manbassador

"I am extremely honoured and privileged to have been invited to be theirĀ first Manbassador."

We are absolutely delighted to welcome Wynn Glass to the role of Manbassador at ManHealth!

Wynn has been championing our services since he first walked through our doors in 2018.

He says: "I have been privileged to work in various roles throughout this time to help ManHealth support as many men as possible in our community.

I am extremely honoured and privileged to have been invited to be their first Manbassador.

In this new role I will continue to work and deliver in a trusted position providing information to our community at large about the work being done by ManHealth and continue to assist in supporting the men in our community by providing simple easy to understand information and help them to overcome their struggles.

My new role will also enable me to empower more men or to overcome mental health conditions leading to confident and engaging men within our communities.

I have an immense attitude of gratitude and am honoured to be in this role.

Thank you for this great gift."

We cannot wait to start working with Wynn in his new capacity as Manbassador and think he will be a huge asset to our team!

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