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Blokes: Brains, Brawn & Balls - A Health Intervention for Men

This one-hour presentation is aimed at male staff in your business to enable them to better understand the top 5 preventable killers of men in the UK.

Utilising video in the delivery, the presentation pinpoints why men are more susceptible to these 5 specific illnesses discussed and segues into various other facts that will encourage discussion and challenge the men into conversation.

Focussing on

  • heart disease
  • lung cancer
  • prostate cancer
  • bowel cancer
  • depression & suicide

This light hearted approach to morbidity is excellently placed to inspire the males you employ to take control of their health and make an informed decision to start the prevention process.

Dealing with this difficult topic with humour, banter and the ManHealth approach to working with men, this workshop will help your men to see the reasons why they may be feeling unwell and begin to realise that seeking help is not a frailty of their masculinity but a strength to be built on, going forwards with renewed positivity.

Maximum number of delegates 16.

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    1 hour
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Blokes: Brains, Brawn & Balls - A Health Intervention for Men. 1 day Level 2

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